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The ISOBIOTICS Kick-Off Meeting took place at the Villa Lemons (Paris) on 27-28th March 2023.


From the left to the right: D. Guglielminotti, D. Audisio, A. Sib, V. Derdau, C. Dugave, C. Elmore, B. Kuhnast,
B. Davis, F. Taran, S. Specklin, G. Pieters.

The Coordinator Dr Christophe DUGAVE reminded all attendees of the general rules for project implementation as specified in the Grant Agreement and the project-specific procedures for administrative and scientific implementation of research, training, networking, and secondments.


All Beneficiaries Representatives elected the Supervisory Board, the Advisory Board, and the Young Fellow Advisor.


The Open Research, Ethics, and Communication aspects were especially highlighted.


The particular case of RFI as an Associated Partner granted by the UK was also discussed.


All DC’s Supervisors explained the updated thesis research projects, except DC7’s Supervisor who was absent.

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